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Acute Care Rotation Program

Similar to the Critical Care Rotation Program, TGH’s Acute Care Rotation Program provides registered nurses with a yearlong look at a wide variety of careers and gain valuable firsthand experience, with an extensive orientation period and the full support of a program manager. Candidates are not required to have any previous acute care experience. 

The Tampa General Nurse Residency Program (NRP) utilizes the curriculum and structures of the national Vizient/AACN Nurse Residency Program™, the nation's top nurse residency curriculum.

Participating/Available Units

  • 1J1 Observation Unit 
  • 1F1-2 Observation Unit 2 
  • 2H Short Stay 
  • 3H Cardiac Surg/Tele 
  • 5A2 Cardiac Med/Tele 
  • 6A1 Complex Medicine 1 
  • 6A2 & 7A2 Complex Medicine 2 
  • 6C1 Acute Care of the Elderly 
  • 6C3 Progressive Burn* 
  • 6K Specialty Surgery Unit 
  • 7A1 Total Joint Center 
  • 7C1 GYN/Oncology 1 
  • 7C2 Oncology 2 
  • 7/8F Transplant Unit 1* 
  • 9F Transplant Unit 2 
  • 8A1 Primary Care 1 
  • 8A2 Primary Care 2 
  • 8C1 Orthopedic Trauma 
  • 8C2 Surgical Trauma 
  • 9A1 Neurosciences 1 
  • 9A2 Neurosciences 2 
  • 9C1 Vascular Surgical Acute Care 
  • Rehabilitation Center 3 & 4 

*Limited availability

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