Medicare Annual Wellness Visit

Medicare covers one Annual Wellness Visit a year. This comprehensive wellness assessment is covered 100% and helps develop a preventive wellness plan based on your current health and risk factors. The visit will be conducted by a registered nurse and will include the following:  

  • Health Risk Assessment, Including Demographic Data, Self-Assessment Of Health Status, Behavioral Risks And Daily Activities

  • Depression Screening

  • Fall Risk Assessment

  • Memory Test

  • Preventive Health Screening Plan

  • Health Education Resources

Medicare Annual Wellness Visits are available at all Tampa General Medical Group locations. Click here to find a location nearest you.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will I see my primary care provider during this visit?

A: No, you will see a registered nurse, but your assessment will be shared with your provider.

Q: Is this visit covered by Medicare?

A: Yes, annual wellness visits are covered 100% by Medicare.

Q: Is this visit considered a physical visit?

A: No, this visit is considered a comprehensive wellness assessment.

Q: Should I expect blood work to be ordered during this visit?

A: No, blood work is not included as part of this assessment.

Q: How long will the visit last?

A: The visit could last up to one hour.

Q: How many wellness visits are covered annually?

A: Medicare covers one wellness visit annually.