At TGMG our goal is to achieve excellence and unparalleled service in all types of dialysis access surgery including fistulas, grafts, and peritoneal dialysis catheters. Our surgical team performs over 500 access procedures each year and receives referrals from all across central Florida. Additionally, we have performed over 30 HeRO™ catheter placements, and are one of only two practices in Tampa currently performing this procedure. Through our interdisciplinary approach, we work closely with our nephrologists and interventional radiologists to maintain a high quality of care.

We are committed to the standards set forth in the Fistula First Breakthrough Initiative - to improve the survival and quality of life of hemodialysis patients by optimizing vascular access selection-which for most patients will be an AV fistula-to lower infection, hospitalization and mortality rates.

Hemodialysis can be done through a catheter placed percutaneously or through a surgically created fistula or graft. A fistula is created with the patient’s own vein, while a graft is created using a synthetic tube. The HeRO™ catheter is a special product which allows patients with narrowing or stenosis of the large central veins to undergo hemodialysis.

Peritoneal dialysis requires the placement of a catheter into the abdomen for exchange of fluids. This is done through a small incision, sometimes using a laparoscope for visualization.

Evaluation and Preoperative Testing

You may be asked to undergo preoperative testing including:

  • Ultrasound Vein Mapping

  • Ultrasound Arterial Mapping

  • Venography

  • Cardiac Evaluation

Once your dialysis access has been placed, we will work with you and your nephrologist to determine the best time to begin using the access.

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